Conflict Coaching


Workplace Conflict Coaching

Interpersonal conflict in the workplace can have serious and damaging consequences for the individuals involved and for the organization as a whole.  Yet few of us are well-equipped to deal effectively with conflict when it arises. 

Conflict Coaching is an effective way to help employees learn the skills and confidence to more effectively resolve interpersonal conflict at work.  

Using  proven tools and strategies, our highly skilled, ICF Certified Coaches facilitate clarity and alignment resulting in purposeful action and sustained results.  

Conflict coaching  includes

  • Learning how to consider the conflict form all perspectives.
  • Understand choices in terms of how individuals engage in conflict and learn helpful ways of engaging in conflict.
  • Develop specific goals and intentions.
  • Learn strategies and tools to accomplish the intended goals
  • Strengthen individual accountbilities.

To learn more about  Conflict Coaching contact  Dr. D. O'Brien