Workplace Investigations


Workers may face violence and harassment in any workplace and from any person in that workplace. When incidents and complaints of harassment are raised employers are legally required to investigate appropriate in the circumstances. 

In the workplace, harassment and bullying behaviors will infect the entire organizational culture. Dr. O’Brien is an experienced investigator. A strong advocate for positive, respectful and effective workplaces, Dr. O’Brien truly listens and understands the issues.  

A Certified Senior Organization Development Practitioner (CSODP), an accredited coaching professional (ACC) and a Qualified Mediator (Q.Med.), Dr. O’Brien understands the dynamics of individuals and teams in conflict and she can expertly guide the investigative and restorative processes. 

Areas covered:

  • Investigation of complaints of harassment based on race, religion, sex, sexual and gender orientation, age and disability
  • Investigation of workplace bullying
  • Individual Conflict Coaching
  • Repairing individual working relationships after an investigation
  • Team-building to help teams move  forward.