Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party who has no authoritative decision making power intervenes in a dispute to help the parties voluntarily reach their own mutually acceptable agreement.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation has a number of benefits as a dispute-resolution process. In workplace mediation, it enlists the employees themselves in finding a solution to their shared problem. When the processed is facilitated by an expert mediator those involved strengthen their relationship during mediation and are better equipped to work together in the future 

 A facilitated conversation through mediation can be a healthy and effective way to;

  • · Air negative emotions with the goal of being heard and understood;
  • · Listen to criticism and complaints without becoming defensive;
  • · Brainstorm solutions that would satisfy all parties involved; and
  • · Foster an environment where employees feel comfortable mediating dispute


A Qualifed Mediator (Q.Med.), Dr. O’Brien is expert at facilitating conversations with those in conflicts and disputes with colleagues and others. 

Dr. O’Brien is an active member of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Institute of Ontario.